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Apps: Tools for communicators

The following web applications are available here:

Image tools

These are tools for maipulating images.

  • Convert images to base64 so that they can be included embeded right in an HTML file
  • Sprite generator will help get the CSS properties to use a CSS Image sprite

Stats tools

Tools for doing stats stuff.

Email Builder

Using a template, build an HTML file with inline CSS for creating HTML email campaigns.

Headline count

Count the number of characters based on spacing for use in headlines and other places where space is constrained.

Rich text editor

This is a tool to easily convert content to HTML.

ical to CSV

This app is more about managing your time than it is about pure communications. It will convert an ics file from your exported from your calendar (such as MS Outlook or Apple Calendar) to CSV so you can manipulate it in a spreadsheet.


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